Fixed-interest Rate Second Mortgages

Please note that the rates listed in the survey are NOT for fixed rate second mortgages. Please simply use the survey to reach out to the various lenders, brokers, and banks to discover if they are currently offering second mortgage in your area. You may also want to contact some local banks and credit unions.

When people go out shopping for a second mortgage they typically look at either a variable rate home equity line of credit or a fixed rate second mortgage.

With a home equity line you may get the benefits of only paying interest on the amount you owe each month and introductory rates that can be very appealing when the corresponding index is nice and low.


The downside is that when the index goes up, so does your rate and your monthly payment. Many consumers feel more comfortable with the security that a fixed rate 2nd mortgage provides.

Fixed rate second mortgage loan products come in all shapes and sizes. These products range anywhere from a 5 year balloon program up to a thirty year fixed rate second. Rates, programs, and terms will vary by lender.

Please contact the mortgage companies listed on our site directly to learn more about their second mortgage offerings.